The healing Revenant was demoed in the Guild Wars 2 stream

The centaur iPad is really overpowered.

Just because you’re a blindfolded warrior empowered by the Mists in Guild Wars 2 doesn’t mean you can’t support your allies. That’s the big focus behind the Ventari legend unveiled for the Revenant last week, that and the┬ámelee staff. The most recent official stream went into greater depth, naturally, and a summary of that greater depth is now available over on Dulfy┬áso you can see all the details about this legend and weapon.

The Ventari Legend is more or less entirely focused on healing; all of your right-side skills will be some manner of heal, with an emphasis on placing your tablet in the right place for delayed or active healing. It’s perhaps one of the most aggressively group-focused options out there if you want to play a dedicated healer in Guild Wars 2. You can check out the full summary, or if you’d rather see things in action, there’s a video below with the relevant highlights, er, highlighted.

Source: Dulfy; thanks to Nreff for the tip!
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