Skyforge’s first major update, Crucible of the Gods, lands on August 11th

Machine men, with machine hearts.

Now that Skyforge is in its open beta phase – a soft launch for all intents and purposes – it’s reasonable for players to wonder what comes next. The answer is a massive content update that will go live on August 11th, bringing in the Divine Forms for players as well as several bits of content that are meant to challenge exactly that divinity.

Invasions, Distortions, Raids, and Anomalies will all be added into the game after having been held back from the initial launch, thus giving players plenty of endgame combat to challenge once they’ve reached the apex of prestige on their characters. If you’re currently sitting around and wondering what to do once you’re at a higher point of progress… well, now you have your answer. Or you’ll have it in a little over a week, at least.

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