MMO Week in Review: The next big wuxia MMO (September 13, 2015)

Were you too busy gaming this week to pay attention to MMO news? Get caught up every Sunday evening with Massively Overpowered’s Week in Review!

Good news for those of you who love wuxia but haven’t glommed onto the existing wuxia MMOs: Blade & Soul is still on the way, sooner than you might have dreamed. While NCsoft’s epic action-combat MMO is still slated for an early 2016 launch, the closed beta begins next month.

Read on for the very best of this week’s MMO news and opinions.

Guild Wars 2 Mordrem event stumbles - A brief Guild Wars 2 pre-expansion event featuring new baddies Mordrem has stumbled right out of the gate. Players have reported numerous bugs, problems with the structure of the event, and issues with receiving proper rewards.…
Otherland opens its early access doors today - Does Otherland hold potential to be an immersive MMO? Fans today will get to find out as the title opens up its early access testing on Steam. The sci-fi MMO is adopting a buy-to-play model, and as…
Why I Play: Final Fantasy XIV - We used to do a column called Why I Play on Massively-that-was, and while I didn't originally plan on rezzing it here today, I did return to Eorzea this week and have been enjoying the hell out of…
RPG MO whips up an indie free-to-play sandbox - Someone must not have spread the word that "Mo" is our thing, but that's OK; we're not jealous. Apparently there's a new indie MMO on the block called RPG MO, which is now available to experience as…
Crowfall raises another million, previews collector’s edition - While the central narrative of Crowfall focuses around an all-consuming Hunger that demolishes everything, Crowfall's development studio seems to be on the upswing rather than swiftly decaying. The studio has raised another $1 million in post-Kickstarter…
Destiny sold 6.3 million copies its first month - How successful was Destiny's September 2014 launch? Pretty successful, by most measuring sticks. Bungie moved 6.3 million copies of its sci-fantasy shooter in the first month, according to IGN, which cites published court documents from Bungie's recent legal dust-up…
Bungie loses lawsuit to ex-Destiny composer - Ex-Destiny composer Martin O'Donnell has prevailed in a lengthy legal battle with developer Bungie. The company must restore O'Donnell's stock holdings and pay what it owes its former composer under its profit-sharing plan. O'Donnell, who in…
Gazillion shares more about the recent Marvel Heroes layoffs - During a David Brevik's weekly Marvel Heroes livestream, the Gazillion CEO confirmed two of the casualties of last week's layoffs. The two employees among those who have parted ways are Creative Director Jeff "Doomsaw" Donais and Items…
TERA is revamping its starting experience - [AL:TERA]After three years of operation in North America, TERA is overdue for a new starting experience. The most recent producer's letter for the game promises precisely that in the near future, along with the first community-designed…

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