The Daily Grind: What’s the best thief class in an MMORPG?


Back in April, I wrote a Daily Grind about MMORPG classes we hate to play, and rogues and thieves topped my list. But I made an exception: rogues and thieves in Elder Scrolls games. And now I’m playing The Elder Scrolls Online myself (catch Larry and me on stream later today!) and guess what? Yep, I rolled my usual stealth-archer-thief archetype and immediately proceeded to steal all the things. I’m loving it!

There are a couple of other games I’d give a gold star for having great rogue and thief classes — top of the list would be Lord of the Rings Online’s Burglar, which made up for its typically stock mechanics with a fabulous aesthetic and handy perks for groups who brought ’em along.

How about you? What would you say is the best thief or rogue class in an MMORPG?

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