Ascent: The Space Game patches in terraforming


Move over, No Man’s Sky and Star Citizen: The ever-plucky one-man dev team at Fluffy Kitten Studios beat you to it. Ascent: The Space Game has a massive patch out this week adding terraforming mechanics to the universe.

“Players can now band together in a new co-operative megaproject to alter the gravity and temperature of a planet or moon,” developer James Hicks told us. “All the players who have a colony or a starbase on a planet can construct Gravity Generators at their colony or Radiation Shields or Radiation Emitters at their starbase. Then the Governor of the planet or moon (elected by players) is given control of the new Terraforming interface, where they can raise or lower the Gravity or Radiation using the combined efforts of all the terraforming structures constructed by players at that planet.”

In development since 2013, the sandbox technically only fully launched last April, when it emerged from early access and after its migration to Unity 5. It’s currently $20 on Steam, and no, there’s no ganking.

Source: Steam, press release
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