EVE Online demos Ascension features, rolls out EVE Portal mobile app

Everyone flies free.
A week from today, one of the last bastions of the MMORPG subscription model goes free-to-play. I’m talking about EVE Online, of course, and its long-awaited Ascension expansion, which will not only allow free players into the game via the clone state system but overhaul the tutorial and expand the citadel system with engineering complexes.

CCP has released a features video this week to catch everyone up on just what’s coming in the update. Capsuleers, the EVE Portal mobile app is also ready for download on both Android and iOS.

“EVE Portal is now available for download in beta, allowing pilots to view basic character information, track skill training, send and receive EVEmail, utilize the in game calendar and purchase PLEX and Aurum, all with push notifications to keep busy capsuleers up to date with what’s going on in New Eden when not connected via the EVE Client.”