The Dawning arrives in Destiny on December 13

Merry Something.

The spirit of the holidays can mean many different things to many different people. To some people, it’s all about togetherness. For others, it’s about giving valued gifts. And for some people, it’s about racing on futuristic hoverbikes. That last group has long been left out in the cold, but Destiny gets what that group needs. They need more Sparrow racing, new scoring for strikes, and seasonal quests. And they’re getting exactly that in The Dawning.

Starting on December 13th and running until January 3rd, the Dawning brings back racing with new tracks and new Sparrows to race. There’s also new gear to strut around in, including seasonal headpieces, and there are plenty of festive quests and the joy of competitive scoring. Check out a trailer for the event just below, and if you think the spirit of the holidays is all about proving how much better you are than the other guy… well, you’ll be in good company.

Source: YouTube

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