World of Warcraft patch 7.1.5 launches today

Too much forging ahead making everything worse to do!

If you’re hoping for new content in today’s World of Warcraft patch, you will be largely disappointed. Not entirely disappointed, perhaps, since the patch is bringing in Mists of Pandaria dungeons as a timewalking option, but by and large this patch is all about improving the quality of life on Azeroth, starting with several changes to Artifact Knowledge. You can now more easily catch up on alts, with purchased items that allow for instant gains of Artifact Knowledge and direct purchases for first characters reaching level 110.

The patch also contains adjustment to a wide variety of Legendary items and several class abilities, along with secondary stat tuning and PvP balance fixes. You’ll also see a reset of all the world quests available to fix a persistent issue with Kirin Tor emissary quests. So there’s nothing new in this particular patch, but it should help level the playing field just the same… and the Nighthold does come out next week if you’ve got a regular raiding group to explore that.

Update: Live now!

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