Star Trek Online brings Agents of Yesterday to consoles

I mean... yeah, okay.
The original Star Trek series has come to consoles with the latest update to Star Trek Online. Sure, you could always stream the original series with Netflix, but why not jump into Agents of Yesterday? The expansion goes live today, giving players who prefer to play from the couch the option of creating a captain from the old-school Federation and trek along in the warp signature of Captain James T. Kirk.

PC players have already gotten to experience this expansion and everything it has to offer, so if you’ve already been playing on your desktop, the experience will be rather familiar. If not, however, you’ve got new missions, a new specialization, new ships, and all sorts of other fun things to explore bridging the past (our future) and the present (also our future, just further in the future). Check out some screenshots down below and get your consoles patching.

Of course, do note that the maintenance is currently being extended for some time, so… don’t be in too much of a rush to get that patching started.

Source: Perfect World Entertainment press release

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I’ve never played STO, and I’m by no means a Trekkie, but I fired up the game on the PS4 a couple of days ago, and so far it’s quite fun (though I still can’t seem to get the flying controls down).

Melissa McDonald

Most fun I’ve ever had in the game. The film grain and 23rd century setting was truly the Star Trek game I’d really wanted all along.