Elder Scrolls Online previews Morrowind’s environments

Fans who are knowledgeable about the original Morrowind might be wondering if Elder Scrolls Online’s expansion version will also contain the same muddy brown and swamp green visuals of that title. While it will be the same island in many ways, its looks will definitely be a step up in variety and vibracity. What? Vibracity is totally a word.

ZeniMax put up a new blog post yesterday that explores the flora and fauna of Vvardenfell, saying that this region will be “unlike anywhere else” in the game. Thanks to the fertile ash coming from the central volcano, the island will offer a diverse set of biomes and inhabitants, taking players from the fungus forests of the Bitter Coast to the lush Grazelands. (Which is, you know, true of the original game too, but it’s way more fun to poke fun at the more depressing┬álandscapes.)

The creatures range from prehistoric fliers to nightmarish visions that look like they would love to suck out your eyeballs for appetizers. Check out the following images and concept art to help kick-start your imagination over this summer’s expansion pack!

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