Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire’s huge new in-game map and the promise of PvP

There’s a joke on the Guild Wars 2 subreddit that you don’t need to read anything about the game — you just wait for WoodenPotatoes to put out a 30-minute video on 2 minutes of content and explain it all to you and more. It’s probably true, but since you’ve some time to kill until Path of Fire launches on September 22nd, so why not fill it with WP?

His latest videos zero in on several big subjects. The first and most intriguing is the new map; it’s clear that the map has almost doubled in size as huge parts of the deserts southeast of Orr are now colored in and soon to be accessible. The scope of the map is compelling, maybe especially compared to the Heart of Thorns zone area, which is positively tiny to scale. He also raises some questions about why the developers would bother including empty but drawn-in areas to the east of Ascalon (like that big ol’ lake). Hmm!

The second video focuses much more on PvP and WvW, something ArenaNet has only lightly touched on since the big reveal. We’ve tucked both videos down below – and don’t forget to vote in our morning Leaderboard poll on whether or not you intend to play the freebie preview weekend in GW2 starting Friday!

Really, really bored? He also put up an hour-long video that’s just the character creation screen and music.

And more on that map from one of the big dataminers!

And here’s the zoomable version with the classic overlay. Wheee! Definitely spoilers behind that linky!

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Brown Jenkin

Watched the Wooden Potatoes video and I’m super-excited for some of these new systems. GW2 has long been near and dear to me, even if I am not playing it all that much lately. HoT definitely drove me away from the game to a degree (as did the not exactly action combat) but I’m back in now, chipping away at the living story that I’d missed and playing catch up in prep for the new content!

Dragon Whimsy

WP is definitely a true treasure of the GW2 community. I’ve been watching his videos since 2012 and his passion yet honesty for the game is always inspiring.

Matthew Riddle

Good for Wooden Potatoes for finally getting the recognition he deserves.

Kickstarter Donor

The scope of the map is compelling, maybe especially compared to the Heart of Thorns zone area, which is positively tiny to scale.

HoT was really vertical, though.

(But fuck vertical zones. They’re the worst.)

blah blazh

heh, I loved the verticality of HoT. If they could have combined that with the apparent largeness of the PoF maps, I would be in mmo heaven.

Kickstarter Donor

I think I’m going to be carving out a chunk of time this weekend to give his PoF videos a listen. I haven’t had time to dig through too much detail about the expansion yet, but he always does great work and it’ll be nice to just listen to everything while grinding in PoE or something.

Honestly, WP should be getting paid by Anet for how much work he puts into the community side of things. He always makes great content from what bits I’ve seen. Hopefully he’s got everything PoF-related on a playlist and I can just click play and absorb ALL THE INFO’S!


He kinda is, he’s part of the partner program so he gets paid when you buy stuff with his links and ANet sends him free out of game and in game stuff all the time. Like all the Gems he’s giving away. He’s definitely awesome though, been following him and his videos since before GW2 came out.


I love maps, seeing it expanded on expansion launch is one of the best feelings ever (loved it in WoW in particular, it looks great).

It’s even better when it’s on a single world map! Feels like a huge, interconnected world.
It was pretty sad in GW1, with that drop down list to access the different expansion continents. I hope to see Istan soon, it’s a great place.

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Patreon Donor

I’ve been impressed with how much coverage you’ve been doing on GW2 and PoF. You’ve included things I wouldn’t have expected at all. You’re doing a good job in my eyes.

And yes, others have compared the combination of the leaked maps to the entirety of HoT + LS3 and they still come out bigger. Something to look forward to for the base expansion and then some with Season 4.