Connect with other online gamers via MMO Book Club’s Guild Wars 2 romp and MMOCircles


Feeling a little isolated? Having a hard time making friends? Does your mother have to validate how special you are? Here are a couple of ways that you can plug into the wider MMO community this week!

After a furious round of voting, the MMO Book Club has voted on Guild Wars 2 for its next grand adventure. Jump in and join this nomadic community as it learns the ropes in Tyria during the month of October. The fastest way to hook up with this group? Head over to Discord and see what’s up.

Another option is a brand-new social network designed specifically for MMORPG players. MMOCircles is designed to connect players to others who are interested in the same games. The platform says that it has 500 people signed up already and features titles such as Neverwinter and Vindictus.

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That’s my secret Cap. I’m always isolated.

Kickstarter Donor

MMOCircles still has Hellgate on their games page…they should probably take a pass at updating the full thing before their next public announcement : /

Also, gah! I’ve completely forgotten about the book club! Thanks for the reminder, I’ll try to dig into what their doing in GW2 and possibly jump in to join them. I dig the idea behind the group, just keep forgetting to actually give it a go. Boo to Discord, but maybe it’s time I got my haggard old ass off my porch and joined the kids on the lawn.

Also, when did the “characters left” counter start appearing in posts? Or has that always been there and I’ve just missed it for months/years >.>

Dušan Frolkovič

I used discord with them for the first time as well, and it has won me over.
For their purpose it is a good combination of chat (with history) and voice chat.