Black Desert adds militias and platoons, starts closed beta signups for Southeast Asia

Black Desert’s November 1st update is sporting a couple of new ways for players to group up and pursue a common goal.

The militia system was designed so that all players, regardless of guild involvement, can partake in the weekly conquest war as an offensive or defensive member. On a smaller scale is the platoon, a temporary group of up to 20 players that are trying to knock out a shared objective.

Even as the patch rolls out, the dev team is scrambling to fix an issue with the recent Halloween event: “We’re working on a solution for the Halloween event that is good for everyone. We ask you not to make tickets at this time.”

Meanwhile, players over in Southeast Asia are being invited into the Black Desert fold for testing. Closed beta signups are currently accepting new applications, but no matter what, everyone can fiddle about with the character creator on the test server to see what they can make.


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I got excited for nothing over “south asia” When I read that on the bdo launcher as: “sign up for closed beta south asia” For some reason thought it was an upcoming expansion to further expand the port ratt and it’s continent that currently consists of an invisible barrier preventing you from leaving the port.

Just sucks they haven’t made that land available yet.


I think that’s like 3-4 expansions out. Next one is the area east of Kamasilvia, then I believe the snow area after that, then the area north of Valencia, then Port Ratt’s area is on the menu I believe.


My laziness in not leveling and just continuing to focus on AFK making money via tradeskills appears to have paid off yet again. Might actually go get those last few levels now that leveling 56-60 is even easier.