Vote for your favorite player-created Guild Wars 2 instrument of death

Power to the people! Guild Wars 2 has opened the polls for players to cast their vote on which fan-created weapon should be made into an actual in-game item.

The design-a-weapon contest resulted in over 900 entries, out of which 20 were selected by ArenaNet to advance as a finalist. Players are being encouraged to vote on which of the 20 should be turned into a Guild Wars 2 weapon, with the three finalists receiving the most votes to get this honor. The voting process will conclude on November 10th.

And while Halloween is over, the minipets live on! Check out the weirdly adorable Mini Choya Pumpkin Gang after the break.

Source: Guild Wars 2

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I like the battlestaff the best. It looks ideal for a Daredevil.
The pistol is an amazing design, but it would require custom made animations… not so convinced it would be made as such, even as a legendary.

Paarthurnax Dragonhearth

Arena net : Come back we will put in a New shiny something for you! AAAAAAA….. L2Make a MMo !

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I went with the first sword in the list as I think it looks vaguely like it might be a useable weapon.

I have this weird thing with fantasy weapons in that the more intricate or ornate they look the less I like them. Don’t get me wrong all the entries are really well done but most of them just don’t tick my personal preferences. Give me a weapon I can stick in someones gut and and then wipe clean on their cloaks without spending eight hours picking bits on intestine out of all the fancy bits ;-)

Bryan Turner

Perhaps that’s something my wife would want to spend the rest of her gems on, I’ll have to show her the video.

blah blazh

all of the designs were really well done I thought. It’ll be hard to choose a winner


Yeah I chose that dagger. The sword is nice but I don’t really use two-handed weapons so as a great sword it’s a no-go. I also am not girly so flowers and ribbons turned me of on a lot of the other stuff.