ARK-inspired PixARK enters early access


It’s a big day for a small game.

If you’ve been seeking a title that has the visual aesthetics of Trove and the dino-taming madness of ARK, then PixARK is here to fill that incredibly specific void in your life. The Snail Games title, which freely admits being inspired by ARK, went into early access today on both Steam and Xbox.

In PixARK, a group of players struggle to survive on an island with all sorts of dangers (including testy dinos). To save the day, lots and lots of crafting and building must ensue. The game boasts over 100 dinosaurs and other creatures that can be tamed and ridden.

Players can pick up the title on sale for $20 through Steam through April 3rd, after which it will revert to $25. It will be releasing on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch later in 2018.

Source: Press release

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I’m really not a fan of ARK, but I have to admit this game looks really cute and fun. But I feel like between Stardew Valley’s upcoming multiplayer update, the release of Conan Exiles, Staxel, and My Time At Portia (also keeping my fingers crossed for Astroneer), I have enough games of that general type to keep me occupied.

Teh Beardling

As of last night xbox one version didn’t have multiplayer servers available. (it was greyed out) I was pretty stoked for this game but I think i am going to give it a few weeks to knock out some of the problems and for multiplayer to come up. I’ll just stick with regular ark until then :D


I’d have figured this was an April Fools joke except you can actually buy it.

Rheem Octuris

Someone let me know their thoughts on the actual game, I’m curious


I watched a whole bunch of Let’s Plays during the past days, for example this series. I decided not to buy the game (yet).

First of all, the only things that make this game stand out from all the other Minecraft-clones seem to be the taming and, to an extent, the dinosaurs. The rest of the game, especially the crafting and building system, heavily reminded me of other block-based games such as Portal Knights or Trove.

The taming mechanic itself is pretty boring and straight forward: Find a dinosaur, feed it it’s “favourite food” and voilà, it’s been tamed (In some cases you need to knock the creature unconscious first). No effort needed, little to no satisfaction.

The procedural map generation seems to be very basic with many flaws (a house spawning flying over a lake, a cave enterance in the middle of the ocean). Everything seems really random as if the engine mixed a bunch of biomes and prebuild monuments and threw them all together. There are much better examples of procedurally generated worlds.

Since they use a level-based system to determine strength, you also run into trouble pretty quickly once you leave the “starter area” because highlevel mobs will onehit you right away. There seems to be a problem with trolls luring highlevel mobs to the starter areas, too.

Lot’s of people complain about the controls. You need to jump to get up one block, which makes climbing up hills a jump orgy. I watched people getting stuck or taking 3 or 4 attemps to jump up 1 (!) block due to sluggish controls.

Other than that, they made some design choices which I find questionable. PvP seems to be a massive gankbox (including offline raiding from what I’ve been told). There are no dedicated servers and no LAN-play or play-with-friends (either you alone by yourself or you with everyone).

As I said above, I don’t think currently the game is worth it and honestly, I think most of it’s popularity comes from the ARK-branding. At the end of the day it’s just another more or less promising “early access” title that might become a good game in the future.

Jeff Lewis

It’s basically ARK but in pixels. Taming is the same (as Al Bundy points out) but much shorter. I haven’t seen any of the weird issues with procedural maps although I haven’t explored a lot of the current map I’m playing. There are giant caverns like I see in Minecraft which seem to be a bit much but meh.

The jump is a bit janky but there is an option to auto jump, I tried it this morning and it’s much better and you can still jump manually. I was getting stuck sometimes on jumps but it was better in first person. Anyway so now I’m auto jumping up single blocks.

Al_Bundy mentions there are no dedicated servers but I’m not sure what he means by that. There are a lot of official servers and last night there were over 500 unofficial ones (although a good chunk of those were companies advertising server rentals).

Overall, it’s not bad and the sale price is easier to swallow than the full price but it’s ARK meets Minecraft basically. Same crafting system, taming system, etc.

Tom R

Is this…legal?

When I saw this I thought it was an official spin off but there is zero mention of it actually being official and it’s not by the dudes who make ARK…They were no shy about taking the logo and the name.


It’s from Snail Games, the poeple who own Studio Wildcard for some time now.

Kickstarter Donor

these articles really need to start coming with this disclaimer on it.

Mick the Barbarian

Snail Games bailed out Wildcard when they were strapped for cash. In return, they became part owners in the ARK IP.

I’m seeing these questions (actually over there, they’re more like blatent accusations) pop up all over the Steam forum. A quick google search would reveal the full story.