Elder Scrolls Online’s Summerset includes inquisitors, actors, and academics

When Elder Scrolls Online’s Summerset chapter launches next month, it’ll introduce a number of new groups and factions to the game. The Psijic Order has already been well-documented as an ancient monastic order that studies the magic of Tamriel in a secretive way – very different from the traditional Mages Guild. But you may not know about the other groups, even if you’re a die-hard Elder Scrolls fan. A new dev blog today outlines a few more.

First, there’s the Divine Prosecution. They’re more than just provincial cops, as it turns out; they’re also supposed to hunt down heresy and stamp out Daedra worshippers. What could go wrong?

Next up? The Sapiarchs. They’re basically an elite college with experts on everything, the keepers of all knowledge.

Finally, we’ve got the House of Reveries, a group of troubadours who perform only in masks.

“Should you find yourself in need of distraction or entertainment, make your way to the Manor of Masques in Rellenthil and be prepared to enjoy the show. Heck, if Dibella has granted you the talent, you might even find your way onto the stage!”


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Teala Te'Jir

Single best MMORPG on the market right now. With that said, they still need to add more dynamic content. Let’s have a Daedric demons do more than just drop from the sky occasionally, or dolmens be activated. Let’s see Minataurs of Gold Coast go on a rampage in Anvil and have players have to kick them out of the city. Have a group of Goblins attack Wayrest. Have a giant Daedroth rampage through a city like Mournhold. Stuff that requires a large group of players to band together out of the blue. It would be similar to how the dragons would attack towns without warning in Skyrim. Now that would be something few games have.


ESO is one of the games I always start up – play for a few weeks, stop logging in, and then 6 months later repeat the process. But .. since I was away for 6 months, I start a new character to “re-learn” what I’d previously learned.. and it’s a vicious cycle.

All these great new locations, I always feel like I’m going to miss out. I need to cut the crap, find a decent group to become a part of, and experience the world. Every new chapter they put out pulls me back in.. But I literally never get to the new chapter!

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They perform in only masks? What age rating is this game?