MMO Week in Review: Star Trek Online is going free-to-play, again (May 6, 2018)

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There are hardly any proper MMORPGs that haven’t already seen at least one major business model shift over the years, and this week Star Trek Online announced its second: It’s going even more free-to-play, or maybe more buy-to-play, depending on how you look at it, as it’s trading its optional subscription away for an optional flat-fee buy-in.

Meanwhile, we’re looking ahead to Guild Wars 2’s underwater update, watching players quibble over Elder Scrolls Online’s and Star Citizen’s business models, debating the state of modern MMO raiding, genuinely enjoying SWTOR’s latest update, being surprised that WoW’s doing so well, and mourning the impending loss of two PWE MMORPGs.

Read on for the very best of this week’s MMO news and opinions.

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so every time I see that ST banner graphic it always starts up the debate in my head again – are they fighting enemies or disco dancing?


I think some mmos need a re-master edition.. are there not companies that do this service? To get a game and upgrade its graphics?

I am all for old school MMOs but their dated graphics turn me off… its time for them to invest some money and re-launch with upgraded graphics!


Companies that can afford to do this usually do: WoW, UO, and Runescape come to mind. But its not cheap so you don’t see it often.


I mean that there are companies that exclusively work on re-master a game.. For example Bluepoint Games. Blizzard will not re-master wow, but it will give it to Bluepoint Games to do it, for a price of course.

I know is not cheap, but is cheaper from creating a new MMO from scratch. All these old school MMOs would have a good shot if they come with today acceptable graphics imo.

I know I would play SWG for example, if they had a re-mastered edition..