Final Fantasy XIV releases patch 4.3 on May 22

It's patch day, oh yeah.
It’s almost that time again, when Final Fantasy XIV gets a big patch full of story surprises and stuff for players to do. Specifically, “that time” will be May 22nd, and there’s even a trailer below to tease at it. And it’s teasing a lot of content, from the floors of Heaven-on-High to the new Main Scenario storyline to the bosses of the Ridorana Lighthouse.

The twitter thread from the Live Letter confirms a few more things, like a new mechanical system for rewards from Heaven-on-High (which will also be adapted to Palace of the Dead to make farming that for glamour more straightforward) and new instruments arriving for the Perform action. There’s also a promise of new filters for colorblind players. Check out the trailer just below, and get ready for the patch to arrive in just a little more than a week.

Source: Twitter, YouTube
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Vincent Clark

That trailer is pretty cool, I think there will be quite a few surprises this patch (story wise).