The Daily Grind: What’s the most iconic MMORPG moment or accomplishment in your memory?

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Over the weekend, my husband and I decided to let our son watch bits and pieces of Fellowship of the Ring. My kid is entranced by Aragorn (I corrected myself and called him Strider, but my son rolled his eyes and said, “I know he’s really Aragorn, mom”), so the Weathertop scene had his full attention.

The funny thing was, while I’m watching it with him, what I was actually thinking about was the first time my husband and I played Lord of the Rings Online and actually made it to Weathertop. Holy crap was that iconic. It probably sticks in my mind as much for the location as for how difficult the game was back then; getting to that spot with any coppers in your pack was actually quite a feat if you did anything other than grind.

That got me thinking about other iconic moments and wondering whether other people share them. I mean, who doesn’t remember that first boat trip to World of Warcraft’s Northrend? Every Wrath baby has that, right? And who doesn’t associate the Empire Strikes Back medical frigate end title music with logging into Star Wars Galaxies?

What’s the most iconic MMORPG moment or accomplishment in your memory? Is it something other folks are likely to share?

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FFXIV — Titan kill for my Sword and Board on my Paladin. Before they trivialized it all. At the time the fight was hard, especially if you weren’t in a decent guild(I wasn’t). I OT’d the whole fight until we got him to about 1/3 health. MT eats a table flip with no defensive CD up, and goes down. I run in provoke, and hit a CD. Managed to hold him, and save the fight. At the time on Titan I was like 0-75, swooping in and saving the fight was super crazy!


My most iconic moment was a chance pvp encounter in the frozen wilds of Beluslan in Aion. It was an encounter that shouldn’t have happened, shouldn’t have played out the way it did, and definitely shouldn’t have concluded in me winning.
Back then (thios is early 4.x era as I remember), you had to be level 50 and under to rift to Beluslan as Elyos, cue people making characters they lost xp on to stay at that levelcap and heavily overgearing them. I was one of them. I had a little chanter with way too much gear I liked to go rift on and tear things up in my more bored moments.

Somewhere in the south I met this big Asmodian 3-star officer gladiator. Level 65. In Bloodmark pvp gear — not very good, but still respectable. Definitely a lot better than the level 50 gerar I weas using, een though mine was completely maxed out.
And since I was bored and knew I have nothing to lose, I decided to go for him, knowing full well that if he had a basic knowledge of how to play, he could smear me over the landscape in under 5 seconds. Or disengage whenever he wanted to.

Turned out he didn’t have the basic knowledge and I spent 8 minutes whittling him down little by little. until I finally scored that kill and I was astounded, elated and delirious beyond belief. I had killed a character 15 levels higher than me, in far better gear (although far less skilled and far less clued in) , complete with a zone report that he had died (a quirk of Aion for those that don’t know; if yuo were ranked as officer, your death would be echoed to zone announcements) and I was laughing like mad.


Beginning in Everquest in 1999 and suddenly realizing that other character is actually another real live person. đŸ˜¯


-My first times in Darnassus, Stormwind, and Ironforge.
-My first time in Pandaria.
-My first time hitting max level on a character in WoW.
-Helping to defend the NE starting zone from a max level Tauren warrior on my first day in WoW.
-My first playing Wizard 101.
-My first Halloween event in Wizard 101.
-My first time going to Krokotopia.
-My first time going to the underwater zone in Triton Avenue.
-My first time playing a crafting heavy character in Vanguard.
-Earning my first companion in SWTOR.
-Getting flying on my main in City of Heroes.
-Going to the part of CoH/CoV where heroes and villains team up to fight the invading aliens.
-My first time with the CoH Character Creator.
-My first successful non-tutorial space fight in STO.
-Sailing the high seas, attacking, and pillaging in Pirates of the Caribbean Online.
-Playing as a Squig Herder in Warhammer: AoR.
-RVR on the order side in Warhammer: AoR, where we fought to repel the invading forces of destruction.

Rolan Storm

Way too many memories. Most recent would be:

– SWTOR inquisitor story finished. Ascending to Dark Council (back when getting to 50 meant something);
– being sent to Tokyo in TSW;
– finishing ESO story content (when Dark Brotherhood was most recent DLC) – all of it.

And, of course, finding Power Armor in Fallout 76 without guide (good one, too – 40th level) and SMG after that almost immediately.

Jeffrey Adrian

Killing JAD for my first Firecape

Robert Basler

Facing off against Mordremoth with 200 other players in Dragon’s Stand. Still the most epic thing I’ve seen in a game.


First Onyxia kill with my guild back in vanilla.


Finishing the prayer shawl questline in eq.
As a chanter cc’ing a huge train with repeat adds with a extremely competent party, took more than 30 mins to clear it all, and it showed just how much player skill mattered in eq.
A high level paladin and friend fished out my groups corpses from tofs (summon not possible) after 10 hours of frustration and asking for help; iconic but def. not a pleasant experience.
First time I was on a successful Quarm raid, pop eq.
First to get glowing weapon (epic) on server in eq2, and on the 18hour long T’Haen raid that cured the server wide curse, both early eq2 days.
Killing AoW in kael on eq-emulator “TGC” with 2 others boxing 12-6-6, what a f… rush, and it dropped 2 Blade of Carnage.
Some WoW raids too, some tbc and end raid in wotlk, but tbh compared to eq(1 not 2) .. a casual toy game.


2 moments in WoW.

1) As a “fresh” Forsaken warlock, when I passed through the corridor that is the surface entrance to Undercity. The one where Arthas go through as a victorious general to see his father. I stopped a moment, but not too long, I was eager to meet my queen.

2) First evening in Molten Core, first few bosses, in a 40-players raid.