The first early access shot is fired in Civil War battler War of Rights


Attentive MOP readers will know that we have been covering an interesting Civil War title called War of Rights for a while now. Apparently aimed at reenactors who would love to plunge themselves into the war between the states, War of Rights offers many different historical battlefield maps while uncomfortably rubbing up against the fact that it lets people play for the slave-owning Confederates as well as the Union.

This game has made significant progress with a stream of patches over the last six years, and now War of Rights is making its official early access debut on Steam. If you want to plunk down $30, you too can engage in an “authentic Civil War experience with 150 players.”

The team set no expectations as to how long the game will be in early access but cautions that there will be a “moderate” price increase when it finally launches. Check out the trailer after the break and then bring peace to the comments section.

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Source: Steam
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