H1Z1 retunes its AR and AK weaponry with the latest patch


There’s nothing festive about the latest Steam patch for H1Z1 (alias Z1 Battle Royale, alias Not Just Survive, alias Ricky “Player Pretty Well Known” Samberg) unless there’s some holiday in December about tuning assault rifle balance. Because that’s what this patch is about, see; it’s tuning the damage and recoil for the AR-15 and AK to bring them more in line with preseason 3 performance. Good news if you liked the tuning then, although slightly less good if you weren’t a fan.

The patch also changes the way spectating works in matches with teams, having you spectate through a teammate’s eyes so long as some of your teammates remain on the battlefield. A few other minor fixes have arrived as well, so it should make a difference in the way you play the game as a whole. But it’s not a seasonal patch, that’s the important point. Also there is still stuff happening, which is probably a relief at this point.

Source: Steam

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What’s “preseasons 3”? Have they had 3 “preseasons”? Because like…I feel like that’s now how “preseasons” work. You have your “preseason”, then you start moving onto “seasons” that you can start numbering.

Also, now that I’ve typed it so many times “season” looks bloody weird.