Final Fantasy XIV’s Starlight Celebration kicks off on December 17

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Most Final Fantasy XIV holidays have certain unifying characteristics. Not just the fact that the holiday events are always new stories and minigames mirroring real-life holidays not exactly but closely, but also in the sense that the tragedies befalling these holidays are due to people not planning ahead. Such is the case for this year’s Starlight Celebration as well; Amh Garanjy has elected to put on a performance of traditional Ishgardian songs to lift spirits during the holiday, but did not actually bother to find people capable of performing those songs.

Of course, as satisfying as it might be to watch things implode, that would leave you unable to take part in the festivities, earn a new seasonal outfit, and be able to enjoy a new Orchestrion roll or new housing decorations like ruthlessly pilfered presents. So jump on in when the celebration kicks off on December 17th. It’s sure to be a stirring celebration of the power of song, and a chance to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas: fixing someone else’s poor planning so that everyone has a lovely time at an event that seemed fun at some point during conception.

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Not too hot on the armor but the housing items look nice and I won’t scoff at the chance to continue growing my orchestrion list. And I’m sure the event itself will be fun and cute, as per usual.

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Is it wrong that I love these seasonal events but progress through the MSQ at a snail’s pace?

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They actually have some pretty neat fluff this year. I’m excited about that!