Daybreak’s $300 all-in-one package is halfway sold out

But we're evil.

It looks like Daybreak has hit upon a winning formula to make a quick buck: sell everything at a high price and make it exclusive. We predicted that its $300 lifetime subscription packages would probably sell out, and days later, we’re over halfway there.

The MMO studio announced that 2000 of the 4000 sub packages are now gone after having gone on sale all of two days ago. This lifetime all-access membership grants a continual subscription for EverQuest, EverQuest II, DC Universe Online, and PlanetSide 2 (but not, as it’s been noted, Z1 Battle Royale or the upcoming PlanetSide Arena). The studio is also running a $200 promotion that gives players a year of membership to its stable along with a “special set” of bonus items in each game.

Should you buy one before they’re gone? Get MJ’s take in her latest EverQuesting column this atfernoon.

Source: Twitter
Update 12/21/2018
Now down to 1000 left:

Update 12/28/2018
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