Final Fantasy XIV shows off fan-designed furnishings in patch 4.5

It's a garden, that's like flowers.

The Final Fantasy XIV community was asked to provide some new furnishings for the game back during the appropriately named furniture design contest. Now those designs are being added to the game with patch 4.5, and the designers have taken the time to show off what the decorations will look like compared against their initial concept art. (A trick that’s easy to pull off when you have the initial concept art right there thanks to the concept art, of course.)

If you’re interested in player creativity, you’ll no doubt find it neat how players managed to turn several abstract ideas like painting supplies, Xaela cooking areas, and a tree stump display stand into actual furnishing concepts. If you’re mostly interested just in the end result, you’ll find it interesting how these same elements became finished models for players to use in their homes. And either way, you’ll be able to see them in-game starting with patch 4.5’s launch on January 8th.

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Matthäus Wey

That little garden looks so damn cute *-*


Furniture items like that cute garden make me sad I “only” have an apartment instead of a house. I love those hanging herbs, too.