MMO Business Roundup: Lucasfilm Games, Anthem sales, MapleStory Fest, and Oculus

Plus Snapchat's new platform and the Epic Games Store's latest acquisition

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Welcome back to another round of the MMO Business Roundup. It’s GDC week, so it’s no surprise that we’ve had so many business posts coming across our desks!

First up is Disney, which as PC Gamer reports has apparently brought back Lucasfilm Games. Don’t get excited or panicky just yet, though; it doesn’t really look as if Disney is angling to yoink EA’s Star Wars license or wreck up what it has going with Star Wars The Old Republic – in fact, it might need SWTOR if those Old Republic TV show rumors turn out to be true. (Thanks, Michael!)

Want some good news for EA? Anthem actually beat out the competition to outsell all other games in February. Note that’s game sales, not total revenue, but we’ll take it.

Hey Maplers! Nexon’s putting on its second annual MapleStory Fest in LA on May 11th. Tickets are only $20 and are on sale through Monday, so grab ’em up.

Snapchat company Snap Inc. is apparently planning to launch its own gaming platform, aimed at mobile developers and codenamed Project Cognac.

Oculus announced today that it’s going to be “phasing out” the original launch, replacing it with the new Rift S instead. As GIbiz reports, this version of the VR headset comes with attached cameras that obviates the need for external tracking devices in a VR room setup.

And finally, the Epic Games Store announced its latest acquisitions today: Most of them aren’t MMOs, of course, and we already knew about Dauntless, but the placement of Yager Games’ The Cycle on the list is new info. The Cycle’s an MMO shooter we’ve covered a few times; it boasts “n emphasis on PvPvE action, completing jobs, gearing up with new weapons and powers, out-scoring other players and making it off the planet alive.”

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