Star Citizen’s Chris Roberts dishes on alpha 3.5 and 3.6, including customization, multi-crew, and persistence


There is no Around the Verse this week, as folks tuned into Star Citizen already know – the studio announced last week that it would be taking a three-week break from the development recap show in the wake of the launch of alpha 3.5, specifically because the first few weeks of a new patch cycle dosn’t really have much for the developers to show anyway.

However, last week’s Reverse the Verse might fill in the gaps, as Cloud Imperium’s Chris Roberts sat for an hour-long interview-slash-Q&A, so you can hear all about 3.5 direct from the boss himself, though it’s Roberts, so of course he goes off script to talk about the future in 3.6 too. There are questions about the new flight model, ship size and travel, new hair and facial customization, landing platforms teases, re-concepting on some user interfaces, framerate issues, VR, multi-crew ships, guilds, and work toward full persistence. There’s also confirmation that the studio isn’t planning a battle royale mode for Star Citizen specifically.

There’s another Reverse the Verse today, by the way; it’s slated for 3 p.m. EDT today as usual and will cover “the Facial Customization feature with Sean Tracy and members of the Technical Art Team.” But you probably don’t want to miss Roberts himself.

Source: YouTube, Reddit. Thanks, DK!
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