MMOs You’ve Never Heard Of: Dark Domain, Habbo Hotel, Project Eternal,, Zezenia, LaTale W


Welcome back to another quick roundup of MMOs and MMO-adjacent titles you’ve never heard of (or have totally forgotten about!). We’ve got a few to run down here.

First, there’s Dark Domain, a new “dark fantasy mobile MMORPG” that hit Android this month. Developer Eyougame says the game boasts guilds, a marriage system, multiple classes, and epic real-time fighting that requires real skill, though reviews seem to blast it for autoplay mechanics. [via Droid Gamers]

Remember Habbo Hotel? Engadget has a deep-dive into the 18-year-old social MMORPG that focuses on how the game has survived specifically since a 2012 report exposed the game as a bit of a haven for graphic online sexual activity, a place where children were encouraged to pop over to a webcam to… yeah we’re just gonna stop right there. Engadget finds the game alive, but small now, and developers are currently working to port the game off Flash.

Japanese mobile studio Asobimo has another mobile MMO cooking: Project Eternal. As MMO Culture reports, the game is working toward closed beta in Japan with launch planned for fall, though it’s not clear whether it’ll ever make its way here.

I’d forgotten all about until I saw it pop up on Reddit this past week: The game has apparently now landed on Steam as a free-to-play pixel-art sandbox MMO by a tiny indie team, which has since addressed pay-to-win complaints on the platform.

“We think that some of the wording and design of the shop might have been poorly chosen and therefore might have given the impression to newer players that you’ll need the subscription to fully experience the game. But in all honesty, that’s not what we want to achieve,” pg4-Studio writes. “And as we see it, those who actually gave our game a shot and weren’t put off immediately, seem to share our sentiment that this is not a Pay 2 Win game.”

We’ve got a check-in here with Zezenia, another top-down pixel-art MMO “inspired heavily” by Tibia: Its most recent update adds a new village, lottery, fishing overhaul, challenges, quests, spawn randomization, and achievements.

Finally, LaTale W, a mobile spin-off from the long-running LaTale franchise, has hit the Android market, billing itself as a “casual” MMO, with crafting, pets, and “dazzling” action.

With thanks to Panagiotis and Minimalistway! Drop us a note if you spot an MMORPG we should cover here!

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