Guild Wars 2 reverses decision on raid craft mats, kicks off new mystery event

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ArenaNet has updated Guild Wars 2 players on two points of contention relating most recent patch. For starters, the new update apparently reversed a change made with the Mythwright Gambit raid mode; at the time, players were able to trade Legendary Insights for Legendary Divinations. This week’s patch stealth-removed that ability, meaning that players can no longer trade up. The studio says its goal is to remove pressure on raiders to do old raids to farm Insights, but players have pointed out ArenaNet had previously stated it would not time-limit these exchanges, so some folks feel a bit tricked and stuck with mats they wanted to swap.

Secondly, remember back in May when ArenaNet slipped in a secret event with a patch? Players were supposed to donate mythril as part of a mystery community event, but it bugged out, putting a hold on continuing events. But the studio says it’s fixed now, so the next event in pushing onward.

“We’ve sorted out the bug that caused the event to stall last time. In addition, to make the event less confusing, Wild-Eye Miller will be more clear that this is a donation as part of a global community effort, and will announce when the new recipe is unlocked. The new Mystic Forge recipe will be available for all players once it’s unlocked, and players can progress the related achievements during all of the events in this series regardless of whether or not they participated in the first event. We know some of you are disappointed that you didn’t get to participate in the first round, and we expect future events will last longer to give more people a chance to contribute.”


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It’s donation of volatile magic this time. If you didn’t get the AP/achievments last time (for mithril), you can get them now for the new donation round. There’s a strong intimation that there will be more donation events like these in the future, too.