The Daily Grind: What should Daybreak do with the EverQuest IP?


Recently, EverQuest Lead Producer Holly Longdale spoke to the rumors and general silence revolving about the continuation of the franchise, saying that Daybreak is going to do… something… with the IP, but she wouldn’t say just what.

“There is a future and I don’t have specifics for you,” Longdale said in an interview. “The specifics will come when we have meaningful news.”

Well. That opens the door wide open for rampant speculation, doesn’t it? Sure, this could just be spitting into the wind on the eve of Daybreak fracturing into multiple small studios, but it’s been heavily rumored that an EverQuest sequel of sorts has been in the works ever since EverQuest Next’s cancellation.

What do you think Daybreak should do with the EverQuest IP — and what do you think that it will do?

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Eh, it’s daybreak. Do they even have ANY credibility any more? Whatever they do with the IP is not going to be good, so who really cares at this point?

Nick Smith

Earn our trust back.

The only reason we say, “sell the game” or “give it to the community” is because DB lost our trust. If we are real about this, DB would never sell their best I.P.

I think the best way to earn our trust back is to fix and update what they currently have in EQ and EQII. Day Break needs to take the most requested features and fixes that the community wants/needs, then DB needs to SAY that they will do it…. then they actually DO IT.

Does not check email

You win.

Castagere Shaikura

They should sell it or give it to the community. The game has a real older loyal fan base.


Sell/give it to Blizzard.

Castagere Shaikura

Please, not Blizzard.

Barnoc N'Draak

Sell/give it to Visionary Realms

Frank Wilkosz

Gift it to visionary realms so they can sell it for the 50 bucks it’s worth and develop pantheon faster!! Brad McQuaid!!

Kickstarter Donor

Sell it to a good MMORPG developer so it actually gets used and done justice.


What I think they will do:
They will make a crappy mobile game that won’t go well in the NA market but might do adequately overseas.
What I think they *should* do:
Sell the IP to a developer that can actually make a decent game.

Bruno Brito

Give it / sell it.

For the love of god, don’t try to make anything with it, because your incompetence will just drag what little is left of EQ’s honor through the mud.

Ardra Ventax

Sell it to Rock Star and challenge them to finally make an MMO. Maybe even release compromising photos of their executives to help “persuade” them. ;-)