Gamigo drops more ArcheAge teases on labor points, monetization, and housing


Yesterday, Gamigo put up a teaser website under the old Trion domain promising a big Gamescom reveal. Accompanied by an ArcheAge account tweet hinting at a “secret project,” the site posted player complaints referencing labor points, farming, pay-to-win, housing, sandboxes, and pirate armadas, all of which pointed to something going down in ArcheAge.

As of today, the website’s updated again; the background now peeks out onto a landscape, and the quotes are now paired with developer responses that imply the studio is addressing specific problems in the game as part of whatever’s incoming.

  • On pay-to-win complaints: “We understand that not everyone is able to spend money on a regular basis. Rest assured we heard your feedback. Stay tuned for what’s about to come!
  • On social features and sea battles: “Speaking of sea battles, there is more to come! Let’s set sail into a new adventure!”
  • On housing: “Housing is an amazing feature and nothing feels better to invite friends to a housing party, showing everyone how much love you put into decorating your home. There will be some changes coming up that will ease your pain to get a house.”
  • On labor points: “Labor is something fundamental in the game, that’s true! It’s part of the game to choose wisely where to spend Labor and make the best out of it. However, we are working on a more balanced approach for Labor points.”

MMO players will recall that Gamigo’s the German company that bought up Trion’s assets last year and currently maintains ArcheAge, RIFT, Trove, and the Defiance franchise. As we noted yesterday, in January, Gamigo said that it had “reached an agreement” as to the development of the game with XL Games, increased the size of the ArcheAge team, and planned monetization changes on the order of “revaluating [its] business models and phasing out some of the older, aggressive micro-transactions along with reducing the reliance on lockboxes,” instead focusing on “selling the service and optional objective rewards through modern, hybridized models.”

Source: Teaser page

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Give an even field on labor points and charge for cosmetics only it would blow BDO out of the water. Everybody wants a non pay 2 win pvp sandbox game.

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Could it be true?

Grave Knight

Will the game finally be playable?

Robert Mann

The cynic in me:
1. We only request you pay 3 times a month now, and offer a 1 month grace period before downgrading your account.
2. Sea battles will now happen with various simulated PvP people. If you spend enough you can even win.
3. We added a tiny bit of land, you can get priority if you have none for just $30!
4. We recognize that labor points are unpopular, so maybe we will charge a little less to make it seem more balanced? Not good enough, okay, you now can get labor point potions in loot boxes!!!!

Triona Falconer

LOL! You are actually close with that labor pot statement:

Labor potions are actually available daily via a monthly “sub” that you buy for 1250 credits… and there are 2 versions! So not only do you pay a monthly sub to own land, many buy these two “add-on subs” with credits for the extra labor (I’m guilty of doing so myself sometimes).

They have seemed to be stepping back a bit from loot boxes since Gamigo took over… they still offer one or two on the Marketplace but you can often purchase the item that you have a chance of getting in the box via loyalty points instead.

Bruno Brito

On labor points: “Labor is something fundamental in the game, that’s true! It’s part of the game to choose wisely where to spend Labor and make the best out of it.






I admit I’m curious. I’m also still incredibly skeptical and will look for the thorns no matter what they say.

Edit: spelling on a phone is hard =/


Hands down, the best MMORPG game experience Ive ever had. The mistrust and blatent lies I experienced however, will never convince me to come back.


Well its under different publisher more or less and its been only like a year under their roof. I am keeping myself reserved but seems they plan to do what should had been from the start. If they seriously do that, the game can rival easily in gameplay most big games out there.

So IF they make it good for the first time after beta, then I think, Resistance is Futile, we will be Assimilated, lol


If they fix labor points, owning housing requiring a sub and pay to win, I might just come back to the game. However all of this is highly unlikely.


Are you saying that F2P/B2P players should have access to housing and Lan ownership?


seems its what they plan but lets wait and see

Twitter Post

Teaser webpage

Pay attention to the green letters every text switch there in the Teaser webpage

Triona Falconer

Based on their wording of their responses to player complaints on the teaser page, I don’t think they are heading to a “no labor system”… I think they may just tweak it a bit to make it a little more forgiving.

I also don’t think they are going to allow FTP players to own land without a sub… my guess is they will open up more land somehow… my first thought would be by some kind of instanced land (that maybe is a little less valuable than normal land?).

IDK, by making a simple change it will have large ripple effects throughout the game… land has a lot of value in the game currently. I’m just not sure how you please those that want/need land without angering those that bought/own land.

John Mynard

Housing? Yes, they should have a boarding house in town for people to be able to have an apartment.

Land ownership is more complex.


Genuinely curious what they’re going to do. If they’re actually backing off from the aggressive MTX and P2W, that’ll be something of a first. Even more, if it works, it could signal a sea change in the industry that trying to squeeze every last penny out of whales isn’t sustainable.

All speculation, with maybe some undo optimism, of course.


Trion already gouged and pillaged every penny they could out of the players. Nothing Gamigo does is going to be able to repair that. They would need to totally relaunch the game, and at this point it isn’t even worth it.