Final Fantasy XIV outlines the changes coming to the game’s performance system in patch 5.1


It’d be nice enough if Final Fantasy XIV had a system for musical performances that was just dropped in the game and then functionally abandoned, but the performance option keeps getting expanded as the game continues, and patch 5.1 is going to have more ways to bring a song to the people of Hydaelyn and Norvrandt. For one thing, five new brass instruments are being added, including the ever-jazzy saxophone. For another, players will now have a new special song-learning mode with color-coded notes to help you hit the right timing as you play, not unlike a rhythm game.

For those performing in groups, though, the system gets a bigger update with the addition of a metronome to sync up the group’s sounds, as well as new options to sync up playback for your own audio. You can even turn off the sound of your other ensemble members and focus entirely on your own playing, if that helps you. So it’s easier to make music, and easier to make music together. Sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it?


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including the ever-jazzy saxophone.

… I’m not one to play multiple characters in FF14. I got everything I need on my cat…

But I’m reaaally tempted to roll a character with the curliest long hair possible, and just… Play the Saxophone. No raids. No dungeons. No dailies. Just the smooth, clean siren-call of the sax…