Final Fantasy XIV’s patch 5.11 arrives on November 12th

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Another patch is coming,¬†Final Fantasy XIV fans! It’s been two weeks, you’ve had enough time to get everything out of patch 5.1, right? Probably not, but patch 5.11 is adding a bit more for players to do, starting with the brand-new Ishgard Restoration content. Players will be tasked with assisting in rebuilding the Firmament in Ishgard, which… well, sure¬†looks like a housing district from early screenshots, let’s be real. It’s new content for crafters and gatherers to enjoy at the top of the game.

For players who want something more combat-oriented, patch 5.11 also introduces the latest Ultimate difficulty content, pitting players against Alexander and the time-altering primal’s most notorious bosses in a contest of champions. And, of course, you can expect balance tweaks and bug fixes, as with any patch. Maintenance starts at 1:00 a.m. EST on November 12th, so these new challenges are just around the corner; be sure to get yourself geared up this week ahead of time for whatever you plan to undertake.


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Krista Allen(@krista_allen)
2 years ago

Hope everyone is having fun in game. I think I burnt myself out during Shadowbringers, I played non stop for months.

Eliot, can we get a rundown on the new crafting and gathering systems?

Vincent Clark(@vincent_clark)
2 years ago

At first, I was a bit put off that the Ishgard restoration wasn’t released immediately with patch 5.1, but after crafting a full set of the new crafting/gather gear (+tools), I’m glad they waited. That was quite a lot of “work”. But, very rewarding :)