Temtem announces an early access launch on PC January 21


The massively multiplayer critter collector Temtem is taking its next big step forward with the reveal of an early access launch, as Crema Games is making the game more widely available for the first time on Tuesday, January 21st.

The early access build of Temtem will bring a variety of features including approximately 50% of the game’s main story, three different islands, character customization options, breeding, luma hunting (whatever that is), and competitive battling rules complete with a ban and pick phase, all without any planned server wipes. What’s more, the entire campaign can be played cooperatively from the very start.

Before early access can begin, though, there are a couple of stress tests that developer Crema wants to run. These tests don’t have a date yet, but they will be open to all backers of the game as well as those who have been picked from the sign-up hat. There’s also going to be one last alpha update for backers on Thursday, December 12th, that will be available for about a week or two before early access.

Temtem will be available on PC either via the Humble Bundle store or Steam and can be wishlisted now. Has it been a while since you’ve heard about this crowdfunded Pokemon-like? It managed to rake in over half a million on Kickstarter in 2018 and arrived to alpha at around this same time last year. You can also get caught up with the video below.

source: Kickstarter, thanks Xanward for the tip!
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