Warframe’s Empyrean and Railjacks just went live on PC, with Rising Tide live on consoles


Start your engines! Warframe players eager to undock their Railjack and jump into the open space missions can turn the key right now (after they get the key, that is). Digital Extremes Live Ops and Community Director Rebecca Ford just took to the stage at the 2019 Game Awards and revealed that Empyrean, the space combat expansion, is live on PC as of right now. You don’t even need your own Railjack to take part in the expansion; you can hop in with friends or a PUG squad and sail through space shooting at the Grineer scoundrels. (If you do still want to build, we’ve got a handy guide for you!)

Empyrean may only be live on the PC tonight, but Xbox One and PS4 aren’t left out of the announcements. For you, Ford shared that Rising Tide — that build-your-ship step right before the ship launch — is now live on both consoles.┬áSee you in space, Space Ninjas!

Source: Press release, The Game Awards

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