Final Fantasy XIV posts the preliminary patch notes for Echoes of a Fallen Star


The waiting may be the hardest part, but Final Fantasy XIV always takes the edge off of waiting for patch day with its full set of preliminary notes well in advance. Patch 5.2, Echoes of a Fallen Star, has its preliminary notes available for perusal right now for those who want to get a more complete picture of what awaits ahead of the patch on Tuesday, and as is usually the case it’s a patch absolutely full of stuff. And that’s with the knowledge that even more is coming in the future!

Of course, what is here is substantial; the creation of the level 80 dungeon roulette containing the expansion’s first three top-level dungeon, the ability to save and quick-load waymark placement, the ability to make prints of fish you’ve caught, and the removal of gil rewards from turning in collectibles at the House of Splendor are all changes that hadn’t been on the official preview site. But then, we’re pretty sure you’ll find more if you read through the whole set of notes ahead of the launch.

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