Final Fantasy XIV shares its latest Shadowbringers design video about the visuals of monsters and bosses

It's neverending.

It can take about six months to get a larger boss enemy ready for deployment in Final Fantasy XIV, from concept art to a finished state. That’s one of the potential surprises from the newest video in the ongoing series of Shadowbringers design videos, with this one covering the design of the bosses and monsters players encounter over the course of the adventure on the First. And since many of those monsters have a strong connection with the story… you can see how the entire expansion comes together.

The Sin Eater design, for example, focused heavily on a stark white that is rarely found in nature to help emphasize the unnatural state of these creatures. There was also careful thought given to elements like the wings on the second boss in Holminster Switch, specifically modeled after a dove due to the bird’s association with peace and serenity. Check out the whole video just below for a sense of how the design team ensured that players are fighting against enemies that look new but also uncomfortable familiar.

Source: YouTube
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