Survival MMO Population Zero previews world design and exploration


Need a break from watching the news in horror? Population Zero’s dev diary might do the trick. Developer Enplex Games has a new one up on the survival MMO’s philosophy of world exploration, complete with some inside peeks into the gorgeous world.

“We spent quite some time considering how to divide the gameworld into regions,” the studio’s creative producer, Denis Pozdnyakov, says. “Initially, we wanted one large world. But then we understood that players would find it boring to run around a huge savannah or travel across a vast desert. So we began to split locations up into smaller segments.”

Seven segments, to be exact – each its own unique biome, and some of them with environments and temperatures that are trying to kill you. Others require jumping and platforming, fighting special mobs, discovering points of interest, and solving mysteries with crafting and cunning.

When you’re all done with the video, check out our hands-on with the game from PAX East and our most recent interviews too. The game is still expected to launch on Steam in May at a $29.99 price point.


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