Path of Exile speeds up its content development after Harvest delay


Path of Exile has a little problem. It took longer than expected to get the Harvest league out, and while that’s not entirely a bad thing, it does throw off the game’s usual update cadence of 13 weeks at a stretch. The result would mean that the next two major updates hit later in the month as well… which would then lead to a further issue with the December update hitting right around the holidays at the end of the month.

To address this, the team has announced that Harvest is going to just be a bit shorter, with work already in process for the September update in the hopes that things can get back on track properly. The beta for Path of Exile 2 is also definitely not going to be happening this year; while that was mentioned as the earliest possible date, pandemic-induced status delays have rendered it impossible, and keeping active development on regular updates seemed to be a higher priority. So this league will be a bit faster than normal, but the cadence does keep rolling all the same.

Of course, not everyone was intensely happy about the Harvest launch anyhow; community streamer and YouTuber Tarke Cat explained his own feelings on the matter in a video in which he explained that he had nearly been hired by the studio and had put together a similar pitch to the actual Harvest league, a video he states is being shared with the permission and blessing of the studio. It’s a sad one, but it’s only about eight minutes long, if you’re curious about the whole story there. (Grinding Gear Games has not officially commented on this in any way, but Reddit? Reddit’s got opinions on it.)

Source: Official Site, YouTube
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