RuneScape improves its chat filtering, OSRS adds more Poll 71 features and tweaks death mechanics

Another postcard, with... yaks.

Surprise, surprise, some players of RuneScape and Old School RuneScape have been presumably trying to circumvent the hard-locked chat terms meant to discourage hateful speech. In response, Jagex has added additional hard-filtering for several more words and phrases last week. It’s like beta testing but all of the testers are horrible gremlin people!

In much happier update news, this week’s patch has attacked another bundle of bugs, made some adjustments to the Divine-O-Matic Vacuum, and performed some UI repositioning for the mobile version among other changes. The weekly newsletter also points to the ongoing Yak Track and some server maintenance that will see some worlds migrate to new hardware.

OSRS has also gotten some updates too, namely another round of Poll 71 changes to The Gauntlet, the crystal-crafting Hunllef-hunting minigame found in the depths of Prifddinas. The game has also introduced some adjustments to the game’s death mechanics, including protecting various keys on death and toxic items will now allowing players to choose how many charge items to use when recharging. There’s more about in-game death on a dev blog from June.


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