AdventureQuest 3D previews the bows coming for the new Ranger class next week

Where's Glimmer?

So is archery good or bad? AdventureQuest 3D has decided that it’s good, and to that end the game has been developing the new Ranger class which is currently planned to be added to the game next week. Of course, that also means you’ll need a lot of different special bows to use as your arsenal, which leads to a preview of the wide variety of arrow-launching apparatuses the art team has created for the new class. (They freely admit that the vampire one just sucks. Because vampires. And sucking blood. You got the joke.)

Meanwhile, players who are feeling a bit lost with the game’s overall structure will be happy to know that the newly launched Adventure Menu is there to help, providing a clear glimpse of where players are in terms of storylines and giving guidance about where you should go next or even what you can do. It includes everything from the main story to optional events and daily boss fights, so you can always check it to see what’s still to be done within the game.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)

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