Squadron 42 news delay is chalked up to developing a new roadmap and a video that wasn’t up to standard


Earlier in the week we reported on a Reddit post that wondered aloud what was happening with Squadron 42’s development. CIG has now officially responded on the forums with some explanations on what’s taking so long to keep backers informed on the project.

The post first points towards several SQ42-related video pieces as well as some monthly reports from March to June. It then talks about an informational video known as The Briefing Room that was being produced but didn’t meet the studio’s usual standards, so the devs are redoing it:

“Originally, we thought we could simply splice in fresh b-roll, but as we spent the next few days reviewing the show, we saw the need to update our visuals to better reflect what we were discussing, and that led us to the realization that we still didn’t have the right footage, at our quality bar, to tell the story we wanted to tell. So, we ended up deciding to re-shoot the entire episode with our usual quality standards. [The video] was never meant to be such a disruption to the team that we would prioritize footage for the show above our internal milestones for development. Therefore, our SQ42 art team could only work on capturing new footage after normal work hours. Add to the mix that key personnel were actually out sick for over a week, and you can see how our schedule kept getting pushed back further and further.

“Delivering the updates to the standards we want takes time, and despite those saying they would be fine with a rough cut of talking heads, we get endless complaints when that’s what we deliver, example being that the Monthly Reports or [examples of Inside Star Citizen segments] are quickly dismissed or forgotten.”

Whatever shape this new video will take, fans should expect it within the next few weeks.

As for the game’s roadmap, which readers will recall was due for a revamp, that’s still in heavy development with a number of steps to clear which will likely take weeks. That said, the post also promises that it’s close to where CIG wants it to be while also promising it will “drastically change” how fans follow SQ42 and Star Citizen’s development progress.

source: official forums, cheers Fastcart and Eggbert!
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