World of Warcraft has begun testing Shadowlands’ endgame


While you tread water at Battle for Azeroth’s current endgame, World of Warcraft is testing the endgame you’ll be experiencing when you arrive there in 2021. Or 2022 – we won’t judge your pokey leveling.

Over on the public test realm, Blizzard opened up testing for Shadowlands’ endgame. Primarily, this test is for the repeatable roguelike dungeon of Torghast, but it also covers mythic keystone dungeons, Castle Nathria, all soulbinds, all conduits, all legendaries, and max-level PvP. This phase of testing also includes covenant dungeon bonuses and some eye candy in the form of ray tracing shadows.

Blizzard also posted a preview of the new and improved WoW Companion App, which will keep support for Legion and Battle for Azeroth while upgrading to handle Shadowlands’ adventures. The app will continue to allow players to access current WoW news, examine their characters, look at the calendar, and talk with their guild.

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