TERA Console teases crossplay for Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series X, and PS5


As we’ve been covering this fall, the dissolution of En Masse has caused no end of confusion over timelines and publishers when it comes to TERA. Last week, we finally learned that Gameforge would be taking over the North American branch of the game. But as for the console version, that’s already been picked back up by KRAFTON itself and in fact players can already jump into the Halloween event over there.

Anyhow, this week TERA Console is putting out a new video talking up the game’s console crossplay, but as has become common with this studio, the video was posted (and bookended) first on the personal website and personal YouTube of KRAFTON’s western social media manager, with apparent disregard for the clear conflicts of interest, which makes us a bit leery of covering it. But in this case, there’s not much actual info in the trailer except confirmation that PS4 and Xbox One will indeed offer cross platform and perhaps more importantly that the PS5 and Xbox Series X will offer the same.

Incidentally, the same social media manager notes, rather offhandedly, that En Masse wasn’t just reabsorbed back into KRAFTON, which owned it, but that KRAFTON laid off “most” of the staff of the “North American branch.” We assumed this, but nobody had actually confirmed it until now. Our condolences to the En Masse developers.

Source: Twitter
Update 10/29
A press release has now made this clearer:

PANGYO, SOUTH KOREA – OCTOBER 29, 2020 – Today, KRAFTON, Inc., responsible for entertainment properties such PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) and TERA, announced its plans to support cross-platform play of TERA Console (PlayStation®4 and Xbox One) starting from November 19.

Cross-playing will also be available for next generation consoles, PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X. The new feature is to enable users to enjoy the world of TERA beyond the boundaries of existing platforms. Through cross-platform play, users will be able to enjoy all kinds of contents with other platform users except currency-related contents such as TERA Trade Store and Brokerage.

Players who wish to cross-play can turn on the option as such when they access the game from November 19. The game will also continue to offer existing channels for players who wish to play in their own channels.

To celebrate the launch of cross-play, KRAFTON plans to hold various in-game events such as “Login Event,” “Level-Up Event” and “Dungeon Highlights.” Furthermore, KRAFTON will run “Black Friday Discount Event” in line with the holiday season.

KRAFTON is also preparing to integrate the servers for certain TERA Console regions.


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This article is a disgrace and a total disrespect for all the work Sarumonin has done for the console community. It is as if the author has zero clue about what she just wrote in this article, and based her information off of her own assumptions.

If the author had been following the discord or if she was actually informed, she would have known that the lead developer himself asked Sarumonin to post the video. Conflict of interest? It might seem like it, but again, the lead dev asked him to. What’s he gonna do, refuse? And he is NOT PAID by Krafton to be their social media manager.

And I thought this article was about the cross-play, hence the title. Yet the author continues on an unnecessary, ill-informed statement regarding the EME staff laid off situation. And again, if she actually knew anything, she’d have known that some former staff themselves were the ones who came in and said they were laid off, after players noticed that they lost staff role in EME discord.

Ultimately, this article is just full of misinformation and the author herself sounds as if she’s just upset for whatever reason. The condescending tone and unnecessary (false) notes are also uncalled for.

Tera was losing so much of its player base because how badly EME handled the game and provided zero communication to its players. The community knows how much effort and work Sarumonin has put into Tera. He brought the devs to us, we have direct lines of communication with them and things have been going well ever since. And with the transfer that just happened, things are looking even brighter.

There would be no Tera console today without Sarumonin.

Shame on you MassivelyOp.