Destiny 2 announces SMS verification to access certain activities, a charity livestream, and world-first raid clear


When your game is free-to-play, there’s bound to be a lot of folks who set up throwaway accounts so they can cheat ad infinitum. In order to curb some of this behavior in Destiny 2 on PC, free players will soon have to use SMS verification in order to access certain in-game activities.

The new cheating countermeasure was announced as part of Bungie’s weekly update, explaining how the process works. Players will have to link a valid cell phone number to their account, and then will need to enter in a code sent to their phone in order to access “high stakes PvP modes” such as Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner. A timeline for this security feature isn’t available yet, but players are encouraged to follow the Bungie Help Twitter account for more.

The weekly address has also detailed the start of the second annual Game2Give charity event in support of the Bungie Foundation and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Bungie will be hosting a 24-hour charity livestream on December 1st, and players are encouraged to sign up and host their own charity livestream; Bungie will even be giving out prizes for those who hit certain funding milestones during their streams.

The post then moves on to discuss a number of adjustments coming to Stasis, most of which involves a pretty mighty nerfing — expect lowered breakout damage, less projectile speed and range for the Warlock’s Penumbral Blast skill, and a whole lot less freeze duration for several skills when used against Guardians.

Finally, the world-first raid clear for the Deep Stone Crypt has been confirmed, with a fireteam from clan Luminous being declared the official winners. The first reports came in on the 21st, but the devs needed about a day in order to affirm the winners. And while the world first goal has been met, players are still encouraged to try to clear the raid before December 1st to unlock the ability to buy a Bungie Rewards Deep Stone Crypt Raid Jacket. Woo, jacket.

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The big news for D2 is that with the raid completion came basically the rest of the expansion.

First week and a half I was pretty lukewarm to the new expansion. They had removed a lot of gear and not put many ways to get back gear into the game. Most of the ways were a huge pain in the ass. While we knew some features were locked away, definitely was not prepared for how much actually was cause on Saturday when raids were being completed the whole game blew up with content.

Can safely say that with this unlocking, plus more to come for the season, there’s a good chunk of game here to sink your teeth into now. The loot is still somewhat medicore, but between Europa loot farm, DSC raid loot, and seasonal loot there’s enough there to keep me satisfied for a while. The raid even has some RNG forgiveness with it as at the end boss you can exchange raid tokens for specific loot or try for loot you didn’t get before.

Still a bit salty about the warlock melee skill nerfs, way too many changes at once. It’s so slow, has a huge dead zone, and has virtually zero AOE so it’s really bad now. Wish game developers would try a change, see if that’s working now, then if not do additional changes rather than just stack multiple nerfs on top of each other all at once and then never review it ever again.