Destiny 2 further delays Trials of Osiris as invisibility exploit runs rampant


One of Destiny 2’s most popular event modes has been conspicuously absent ever since the online shooter released its Beyond Light expansion earlier this month. Players had hoped that the weekend Trials of Osiris would return soon — and Bungie had promised to bring them back for Thanksgiving weekend — but plans change and the event has been delayed once more.

“Due to a recently discovered issue, Trials of Osiris has been disabled for this week,” the studio posted to Twitter yesterday. “We are currently investigating to determine when it will return.”

The unnamed issue is most likely a rather nasty exploit that’s allowing some players to jet around during matches without appearing on the radar in the Crucible. Even so, the pressure is building for Bungie to fix it and get the Trials of Osiris back online as the community uproar over this is not unsubstantial.


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Yea basically it’s been one long series of exploits going on since Beyond Light release. You had the whole leveling up to 1200 super fast in an hour thing. Then you had the repeatable bounties giving as much as daily bounties for xp. The list goes on. Stasis is super busted in most cases leading to all sorts of broken game mechanics and possibilities. The new raid especially has quite a few broken things in it.

However the community uproar is pretty tame. Reddit isn’t on fire or anything. What it is that many prominent streamers who stream Trials have no content to show for the weekends and are now struggling with stuff to show. They already showed off the raid last weekend with the race and into early part of this week. So you hear feedback from those communities, but most people don’t really mind or care.