CCP Games partners with Sperasoft for the latest in a long line of EVE franchise shooters


It’s no secret at all that CCP Games has been working on a new multiplayer online game, or at least it shouldn’t be if you read MOP regularly. That’s because the company has been slipping out hiring notices for the game for the last several years, and of course in August, Hilmar Petursson himself openly confirmed that the Pearl Abyss-owned company has been “developing a new online sci-fi shooter game and [is] planning to market it in the upcoming years.”

Heightened development of the new game appeared to coincide rather fortuitously with the demise of Project Nova, the EVE-shooter-spinoff meant to replace EVE-shooter DUST 514, which closed down in 2016. Nova, of course, was confirmed canceled in February of this year. Add EVE Valkyrie in the mix and… well, there’s kind of a pile of EVE shooter corpses to build on here, and that’s exactly why Petursson said it would be “moving away from publicly announcing [its] internal project codenames and will wait until [it’s] ready for a full reveal.”

So while this week’s announcement doesn’t include a codename, it does once again confirm the game, this time via a partnership with Sperasoft, a games studio with credits on Halo Infinite and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

“CCP Games, best known for the spacefaring massively multiplayer online (MMO) game EVE Online, has partnered with Sperasoft, a specialized game development company, to launch an unannounced online shooter set in the EVE IP. EVE Online has immersed space pioneers into the depths of the intergalactic for 17 years. EVE players are free to forge their own path and take up a variety of in-game professions ranging from exploration, trading, piracy, and much more across a vast solar system. The partnership with Sperasoft will assist CCP in delivering a stunning, action-oriented shooter that fits within the EVE universe.”

CCP, of course, is owned by a South Korean company and is itself located in Iceland, so the collab with a company in eastern Europe and the US makes sense, given Petursson’s past comments. “We are expanding more broadly across regions and more deeply in each region, with deep localization efforts, as well as in other mediums, like mobile,” he said this past summer.

Source: Press release, Sperasoft

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Wilhelm Arcturus

That press release. They bubble on about the wonders of EVE Online, then make a left turn and announce they’ll be making an FPS based on the IP which will include none of the things they praised.

Also, they say their HQ is in San Jose, CA, but the page about their HQ reads like a travel brochure for the area, while all their job openings are in Russia or Poland. Going to have to look into them.

Kickstarter Donor

I really need to look into this company more. They have a lot of good games to their names, but they seem like more a support/outsourcing studio?

They’ve had a rough time of trying to get a shooter out there, at least one people play, but I’m still here for it. Hopefully the third (fourth?…fifth?) time is the charm.

Jon Wax

514 reasons why this won’t work?

Joking aside it sounds like Eve is gonna rip off NMS?

Nms with pvp and full loot drop?


Patreon Donor
Loyal Patron

Just please don’t make it a console exclusive again, seeing as I imagine almost everyone even slightly interested in EVE is a pc gamer.

Jeremy Barnes

At some point, you got to stop sticking your hand into the hole and getting bit.