DC Universe Online hints at a ‘big storyline climax’ for this year


With over 69 million player characters and 39 major content updates, DC Universe Online is a monster of a hit for Daybreak Games as it celebrates its 10th anniversary this month. CEO Jack Emmert praised what the game offers in a new video, saying, “There’s simply no other experience like that.”

After some back-patting and reminiscing of the game, including its most difficult update (Atlantis, of which Emmert said the team “bit off more than it could chew”), the studio’s lead gave some indication of where DCUO is heading in the future. Emmert indicated that Daybreak would continue to try to tie in the game’s updates to the major DC films that are scheduled for 2021. Additionally, DCUO will focus on individual storylines that will build up to a “big climax” by the end of the year.

The game’s anniversary kicked off this past week with a new event raid and discounted shop items. There are also free anniversary gifts for any players who log in by January 31st.

Source: DCUO. Thanks Yrys!

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Dug From The Earth

So now that LoTRo has a complete (almost) bundle of all their expansions, is this one of the last games to suffer from the horrible “barrier to entry” cost bloat ???

Edit: – Looking on steam there appears to be 39 episode packs. The first 27 seem to be bundled together into larger packs:

Pack 1 – $15
Pack 2 – $15
Pack 3 – $40
Pack 4 – $40

Episodes 27 through 39 are sold individually, each for $10 ( so thats $130 total)

There is a “power bundle” which has additional powersets, for another $35

A starter pack for $8

For a grand total of: $283!!

You do have the option of buying the “Ultimate Edition” of the game for $80, which comes with packs 1-4, and the power bundle. Even doing this, you still end up paying a grand total of $218!

AND the game has a Microtransaction marketplace where cosmetics and costume parts are sold for even more money!!

That kind of upfront cost is a huge barrier to entry for a lot of players.

For a game that came out in 2011 and hasnt seen any real updates to its engine since, its just not worth it. In fact, when it came out on PC, the video options had a greyed out “High” texture quality option, which was promised from the devs… but never happened. They probably removed that option by now.

Dug From The Earth

Ok, might as well toss out the idea of buying expansion packs in this game. You pretty much need to subscribe to it for $15 a month instead.

Subbing gets you all episodes and powers and it removes some of the RIDICULOUS roadblocks the non-sub players get, even if they own all the packs

Check out this clip from a user review:


“without membership you wont be able to access your earned in-game cash. Basically, if you have saved 500mil in game money, you can only spend 2k at once. Thats like 1 time repairing your gear after unlucky raid run. And since you also cant withdraw your earned cash after you spend those 2k, you will need to carry in your tiny inventory (and its tiny without subscription) some junk to sell in vendor to get cash for gear repairs. You also wont be able to trade money/items unless you upgrade to premium (spend 5$ on anything) or to legendary (membership)”

so yeah… you pretty much need to sub to this game.

All the other “roadblocks” you run into in this game, even WITH a subscription, is just disgusting. I highly suggest reading that review on in the link, its very well detailed and not your typical “steam review bomb”.

Bruno Brito

Yeah. DCUO is one of their biggest cashgrabs and the cost of entry is abhorent.

It’s the main reason it’s their highest f2player count with the lowest conversion rate: about 10% of their players pay for something. And considering there’s a “Premium” status, i don’t know if the 10% are subs.

Kickstarter Donor

Why would it being a huge cash grab mean it has the highest player count, though? Its low conversion rate, if we infer based on other games, is likely due to having a much, much greater presence on console vs. PC, and console players likely having lower conversion rates to paying subscribers than PC. Its conversion rate isn’t too dissimilar to PlanetSide 2 (which is the only other game listed also on console, but only PS4 vs. PS4/Switch/Xbox for DCUO), which is also around a 10% conversion, to boot. Given that there’s only the “station pass”, I assume they’re treating “members” as any active account in that game with a station pass (at least for Daybreak games), so the numbers are not as clear as I’d like.

That games like EQ1/2 have higher conversions absolutely speaks to the remaining playerbases being hardcore, dedicated players, and the same goes for the surprising conversion rates of DCUO/LOTRO.

Console LOTRO and DCUO’s huge playerbase: Everything we just learned about Daybreak thanks to EG7

But here’s the thing: look at the YTD bookings for each title –

EQ1 – 88K (players)/ 66K (subs) – $11.5M
EQ21 – 29K/21K – $6.5M
DCUO – 45K/22K – $6.9M
LOTRO – 108K/41K – $9.9M
DCUO – 419K/40K – $26.7M
PS2 – 198K/25K – $7.9M

DCUO has a membership count similar to LOTRO, and nearly 3X the revenue. A player count double that of PS2, and 3X+ the revenue. A lot more than 10% of their player pay for stuff, it’s just 10% that are station pass members.

I guess this technically proves that it’s “cash grabby” because it’s making more money, but honestly that’s also kinda how things go with player counts. The more players, the more opportunity for whales that often account for huge amounts of revenue. I doubt everyone’s spending hundreds on DLC, but I wouldn’t be surprised if folks were dumping cash on tons of cosmetics, which the game is absolutely filled with.

Bruno Brito

Oh, you got that backwards, it doesn’t relate to having the highest player count because it’s cashgrabby, all DBG games are like that.

What i mean is while having the biggest playercount, it has the lowest conversion. The reason why it has such a huge playercount is because of consoles. For some reason, and i’ll paraphrase boss-Bree here: “People seem to enjoy playing mediocre mmos on console”.

It was bad wording on my part. I apologize.

That being said, while i agree with you on the cosmetic part, i also think people who spend money on cosmetics also spend money on the DLC content simply because DCUO is a progression game. It’s fashion wars and honestly, anything outside of progression is quite underdeveloped. There’s not much to do outside PvE and hang around the Watchtower while being blinded by new shiny cosmetics and bots trying to sell gold on chat.

Kickstarter Donor

I was gonna post…I mean sure it’s “cash grabby” with how much all the DLC costs, but much like SWTOR (which isn’t as cash grabby, at least for content), the entire point of the business model is to push players towards subscribing if they’re going to be around for a while.

This has been the case since it first went F2P back in what, 2012 or so, and it still offers a nice initial experience totally for free (again, much like SWTOR) and asks you to sub beyond that.

I’d love to see them take the EQ1/2 approach and fold previous expansions (well, DLC) into the price of the latest one, but this is a very different type of game with a different approach to content so that likely wouldn’t work super well either. Because even if you have all the DLC, as the dude you mentioned writes you’re severely limited in other ways.

But again, that’s been the case since literally day 1 so it shouldn’t be new, surprising, offensive, or outrageous. Even with the sticker price of all the a la carte DLC.


Nope, pay the $15 sub get access to all content.

Dug From The Earth

I thought the same, until I read the post in the link.

If you want to progress further in the game, you will be forced to spend more money.