Neverwinter shows off its upcoming rewards from the new Sharandar campaign

No fighting.

Are you ready to venture into a new Sharandar campaign in Neverwinter? The answer may very well be, “no, I can’t fight anything any longer and so I’m not really down for that at the moment,” but let’s put that to one side for now because the latest preview is all about the rewards you’ll get for taking part. Hopefully that siren song of loot will help encourage you to tough it out through the aforementioned bonfire of the combat update.

Players will have new armor options as well as a new artifact and artifact equipment to obtain, along with special diamond shards that can be re-assembled for useful items such as gear transmutes or the unfortunately named Blood Diamond. For those hoping to pick up older rewards, the older stuff will still be available from various sources or from upcoming new events, so don’t fear anything being permanently lost as you drool over new potential rewards.


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I’ve always liked their art design, and still use their character creation engine to make character snapshots for tabletop d&d games, but last I played, this game was a mildly interesting mmo that had terrible class balance and functionally NOTHING to do with d&d aside from the setting.

And, they filled your limited inventory with craptons of lockboxes and a variety of non stacking creep in a non subtle attempt to push you to buy storage.

Has anything meaningfully changed?


my problem with Neverwinter is the combat did not feel fun the classes was not fun and when I played the endless grind to get decent gear. But mostly the combat was not fun and the classes was just meh and we are talking Neverwinter that is based on DnD and they could not add some fun unqie classes from DnD instead they went with generic tank, 2 handed, Archer, and a balls welding control mage O.o, Paladin and cleric and trickster rouge.

Also the crafting was lame as hell. I wanted to like the mmo but honestly I rather play neverwinter nights 1 and 2.

Vanquesse V

Considering this has the D&D licence the classes are exceptionally narrow with barely any room for customization which should be, but isn’t yet, a crime