Final Fantasy XIV previews Delubrum Reginae, Blue Mage updates, and Skysteel Tool improvements

To be fair, this one is optional.

Patch 5.45 arrives in Final Fantasy XIV on February 2nd, and that means the game’s special site for patch content has been updated with previews of the new content involved. Blue Mage fans, for example, can start leveling up to 70 along with the Blue Mage log being updated for 4.x content, and naturally there are plenty of new spells to learn and new job quests to complete along the way. Get ready to farm for some new skills!

Players will also be diving into Delurbum Reginae, the former temple at the heart of Queen Gunnhildr’s kingdom, as they seek to aid the Bozjan Resistance once more in battle against the Empire. That’ll help you enhance your Resistance weapon once again; for those aiming to improve crafting tools, the final step of that process awaits intrepid crafters alongside the update. Check out the previews on the official site ahead of the actual update next week, which promises to be a pretty busy week to be an FFXIV fan.

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