The Daily Grind: What’s your absolute favorite dungeon in an MMORPG?


A while back, I asked our readers about the most boring dungeons in MMOs. It’s The Oculus, by the way. That’s the only right answer. I would also have accepted Razorfen Kraul, although personally I think failing at RFK can be downright entertaining. It’d be even better tipsy!

Anyhow, let’s push on to something more positive: I wanna talk about favorites. There are some epic dungeons and encounters out there, right? And when I blank my mind and see what pops in, a lot of the good ones turn out to have been in World of Warcraft. Karazhan has to be on this list, or maybe Dire Maul. Ultima Online’s Doom or maybe one of the more classic ones like Deceit. EverQuest’s Crushbone or Unrest? Iconic. It’s older ones that I spent the most time in, I bet, so they have a lot more pull in my brain than newer dungeons that we might run only a few times. And my big two “home” MMOs don’t even have these kinds of classic dungeons. So I would love to hear your modern picks, especially from MMOs I don’t play. What’s your absolute favorite dungeon in an MMORPG? What makes it one you don’t mind running over and over?

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Holminster Switch, the first dungeon in FFXIV Shadowbringers. The boss fights are fun, sure, but what I really love about this one is what it adds to the story. FFXIV first expansion dungeons had previously been just kind of… there, but Holminster Switch is both a town you fail to save—some of the fleeing villagers turn into the monsters you have to fight just before you can reach them—and the site of your first major triumph in the expansion. The part that really gets me, though, is the reappearance of an npc from earlier in the storyline in the most tragic way possible, especially if you’re running the dungeon with your npc companions rather than other players (if you haven’t done it yet: bring Alisae.)


If I’m being honest with myself it’s Stormstout Brewery. It’s not even a great dungeon as far as boss mechanics either.

I also remember loving the scarlet monastery. Something about murdering a bunch of twisted sadistic religious fanatics was pretty satisfying.

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DISCLAIMER: I Am Bad At Dungeons. They’re not an experience that works for me – I’m an immersive player that broadly holds to “Difficult != Fun,” which makes me the opposite of most dungeon players.

With that preface, the Okara Droid Factory on SWTOR Balmorra is memorable to me, because every room has a comprehensible purpose clearly shown by the level art. Here’s where the molten metal comes in. Here’s where part A is added to part B. Off to one side is the giant power plant.

It’s honestly the only dungeon in all of SWTOR I can clearly recall – everything else is a blur of same-y corridors or caves.

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Going back some I’d have to go with temple of the three winds from anarchy online. Was always fun entering there solo to find a good pug and farm all the bosses


Man I really wish I had of gotten into TSW given the way y’all are talking about it. As is my limited experience with mmo’s I would have to say WotLK’s Utgarde Keep and Gundrak were my faves <3 Just well rounded dungeons imo.


In Final Fantasy XIV the 24 person alliance raid of Orbonne Monastery. First of it is fun. Second its uses the Final Fantasy Tactics IP which in my opinion is the just barely the second best IP that Square Ever came out with for the franchise just eked out by Final Fantasy and in that would have to say all of the Sigma Raids from Omega in Final Fantasy XIV once again just based on IP and the amount that I am happy every time that I get a chance to run them.

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In The Secret World, the eight mini-dungeons of Tokyo’s Orochi Tower, each floor representing a separate business unit of the conglomerate. They’re great environmental narratives packed with genre shout-outs ranging from THE RING to Michael Moorcock’s Jerry Cornelius.

For narrative, there’s also FFXIV’s Tam-Tara Deepcroft (Hard), which builds up to the creepiest supernatural wedding ever.

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SWTOR, The Esseles (Republic) and The Black Talon (Empire) two gloriously designed and scripted Dungeons, with dialogue and choices and interactions while having all the usual trash mobs and Boss fights. Both how Dungeons “should” be done imo. Sadly they were one of a kind even in SWTOR…*sigh*


No particular one, but any dungeon where I can spend the least amount of time to complete it because being in dungeons or raids is the most unpleasant activity for me in any multiplayer game.


The Rift of Nurz Ghashu, the 12 man raid from LotRO’s Shadows of Angmar era.

Really great design, some awesome bosses with some interesting tactics, not too grindy, not too long or short. Plus, epic balrog fight at the end. And probably the best looking armour sets in the games history.